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An installment loan is a credit that enables you to repay your debt over time. Illinois Installment Loans Same Day Deposit Interest rates are higher than those on other types of credit. Your income and assets will still need to meet the requirements for the loan.

What Kinds of Loans Come in Installments?

Installment loans come in two basic categories: secured and unsecured.

Secured installment loan

It is when you pledge something as security to obtain loan approval. A car title loan is an illustration. You risk losing your car if you don’t make payments. The lender may take your vehicle back if you fail to make payments.

Unsecured installment loan

These loans are comparable to payday loans because you can obtain a loan with little to no security. On the other hand, installment lenders need proof of income before authorizing you for a loan, unlike payday lenders. Additionally, they have higher rates than payday lenders.

Installment loans have the advantage of providing flexible repayment alternatives. You can choose weekly, biweekly, monthly, or semimonthly repayment schedules. Most people select a payment strategy that suits them the best.

What Can You Use Your Installment Loan For?

Your Illinois installment loan may be used for what you see fit. What you buy and how much it costs are irrelevant. You might also use the funds to settle another debt, like a utility or medical payment. An installment loan can also be used for other purchases, such as a car, home improvements, furniture, appliances, computers, etc. The amount you borrow will vary depending on how much you intend to spend and the type of loan you select.

Are our Installment Loans available in Illinois?

Yes! In Illinois, installment loans are available. You must request online or by mail to request for an installment loan. Within 24 hours of submission, you will hear back from us.

How Can I Obtain a Loan with Installments in Illinois?

There are several ways to obtain an online installment loan if you live in Illinois. The following are some of the most common approaches:

Installment loans are taken out online – this type of loan can be obtained through websites such as PaydayDaze. You can submit an application for these loans over the internet, eliminating the need to go to a physical facility.

Various financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, offer installment loans for mobile phones. You can obtain an installment loan by calling their customer care number and requesting.

Installment loans are taken out in person – If you want to take out an installment loan in person, you can do so at several different locations. These places include the following:

Credit unions frequently use branch offices to serve their members better. You are welcome to walk in and discuss the possibility of acquiring an installment loan with one of their representatives.

Banks – Banks typically have a representative on staff who is an expert in money lending. If you are interested in discussing the possibility of obtaining an installment loan, you can get in touch with this person. An online lender such as PaydayDaze may be able to provide you with an installment loan even if you are not eligible for a loan from a traditional bank.

What Conditions Must an Installment Loan Meet?

You must fulfill specific standards to qualify for an installment loan. Some of the most typical requirements for an installment loan include the following:

Having a reliable source of income

If your monthly income is insufficient, you will not be approved for an installment loan. Making more than the minimum wage is part of this.

18 years of age or older

To be eligible for an installment loan, you must be at least 18 years old.

An active driver’s license

To operate a vehicle, you need a valid driver’s license.

Being employed

It would help if you were employed regularly or had a reliable source of income.

Not be in the process of filing for bankruptcy or foreclosing.

If you have been the subject of a foreclosure action or have filed for bankruptcy, you are ineligible for an Illinois installment loan.

Not owe any additional debts.

If you are in arrears on other bills, you are not eligible for an online installment loan.

Have no liens or judgments pending

You are not eligible for an in-person installment loan if you have unpaid debts or liens.

What Advantages Come with an Installment Loan?

The advantages of taking out an installment loan are numerous. Some benefits of getting an installment loan include the following:

Faster debt repayment:

With an installment loan, you can settle your bills gradually rather than all at once. By paying off your bills slowly, you will avoid paying interest fees.

Get money now:

You might get money straight away when you take out an installment loan. You won’t have to wait until after your next paycheck to acquire the required cash.

Obtain authorization for a more significant sum:

It may be simpler to get accepted for a more significant loan with an installment loan because of the distinct way it is organized from a regular loan. For instance, if you request a $2,000 loan, you might get authorized for $1000.

What Are Some Things About Installment Loans That You Should Know?

Terms of Repayment

Installment loan repayment periods typically run longer than those connected with most other loan kinds. Most installment loans need monthly payments for somewhere between six and twelve months. Borrowers must pay off the outstanding debt or risk losing their properties.

Interest Rates

Installment loans typically have higher interest rates than other types of loans. For instance, you would pay $50 monthly if you took out a $500 personal loan with a 10% monthly interest rate. On the other hand, you would pay $90 monthly if you took out an installment loan for the same sum at 18 percent each month.


Most installment loans have several fees, which can add up quickly. Some installment loans may charge a one-time cost when requesting for a loan. Some people could impose a processing fee every time you make a payment.

Loan Amounts

You can borrow a maximum amount for the majority of installment loans. If your credit card limit is $5,000, you cannot obtain an installment loan for an amount more than that.

How Do I Determine What Sort Of Installment Loans To Borrow?

The most straightforward approach to deciding which form of installment loan to obtain is to consider your needs. For instance, you should probably consider getting a car title loan rather than a payday advance if you want to buy a new car. Additionally, borrowing within your means is usually preferable rather than going beyond.